Music From A Sunny Place   
Retired... 4th Monday of every month
7-9pm on MusicBoxRadio

Music From A Sunny Place was a radio show and a monthly ray of light from Tim Green. Running 2013-2024, it’s a journey through international disco, soul, house, afrobeat, jazz, ambient, weirdness and everything in-between.

Tim is an Artist, Designer and DJ. He worked as a  Design Lead at Google for the best part of a decade. Previously he freelanced working mostly in the music industry as a Graphic Designer.

He has been a voracious maker of mixtapes since his early years and found an outlet in 2013 via his show Music From A Sunny Place.

Design work ︎︎
Artwork ︎︎

The MFASP sun character was designed by the supremely talented Elliott Mess who's guested on a number of the mixes.

Est. 2013 • London